Can I hire a car without a race licence?

Yes, you just need a full drivers licence for a track day

Can I hire any of the cars?

Yes in principal – GT cars need an instructor present

How old to do I need to be to hire a car?

30 Years of age, younger additional driver on discussion

What is a track day?

A track day is an organised monitored event at a UK race track. High speed going in one direction with flag and break boards to ensure lines.

Do I need to book the track day separately?

We can book it for you at an additional cost

Is fuel included?

The first full tank of fuel is supplied included in the fee, the support crew will refill at the pump at your cost

Am I insured if I crash

When a car is hired it is fully insured for crash damage, this is included in your fee. An excess of £1500.00 (* £5,000 for Le Mans Cars) is required and will be taken at the booking stage. This is returned to you when the car is checked over at the end of the session.

What do I need to bring on the day?

A positive attitude, comfortable clothing and a smile

Can I take passengers out with me?

Passengers need to be signed in at the track at the cost of £30 per passenger.

Can I share a car with a friend?

A car can be shared. We charge an additional £100 per driver.
The same rules apply as with single person hire where you will all need to do the driver briefing and the car will be rested for checking over in the pits for 20 minutes in each hour.

What is a corporate event track day

A corporate event track day is where you come to the race track and we provide you with a day of driving the race cars round the track of your choice.
We provide our JMC Racing rig with drivers lounge, engineer’s room and garage. Compiled with GT drivers race instructors, pit crew and full race experience.
A great way to entertain clients, or just a day for you and friends.

What’s included on the corporate day?

All of our packages vary with regards to car choice, track location and the number of people included on the day.
A corporate day consists of groups of 2-4 people sharing a car each with allotted times slots booked in for each driver, ensuring everyone gets a fair amount of time behind the wheel.
We provide the mechanics, staff, cars, overalls and crash helmets, a tank of fuel in each car and refreshments.